I’ve written several books over the years, focused primarily on spiritual formation as well as family life.

Awaken Your Soul (2013) — This title in the Flourishing Faith series explores worship and intimacy with God.

Cherish Your Family (2013) — This Flourishing Faith resource invites readers into meaningful spiritual reflection on family life.

Embrace Your Worth (2013) — This devotional study in the Flourishing Faith series dives into the critical issues of identity, calling, and self worth. 

Restore Your Joy (2013) — Joy, gratitude, and celebration are some of the most crucial traits of the Christian life — yet we often neglect them or overlook their importance. This Flourishing Faith resource dives deep into what Scripture tells us about joy.

Shine Your Light (2013) — Evangelism shouldn’t be a “project” or a script. This devotional study reflects on the heart of evangelism and service: the life-changing love of God.

Surrender Your Guilt (2013) — This Flourishing Faith resource is an in-depth reflection on the powerful work of God’s grace in our lives.

Cultivate Your Character (2012) — When we abide in God’s Spirit, we reflect God’s character—love, joy, peace, and so on. Yet so often we don’t truly reflect Christlike character. This resource explores biblical passages about Christian virtue, helping readers respond to God’s transforming work in their lives.

Enrich Your Marriage (2012) — This Flourishing Faith resource invites readers to reflect meaningfully on how both the joys and challenges of marriage can serve as avenues of spiritual growth.

Faith-Filled Moments: Helping Kids See God in Everyday Life (2009) — This is book is full of hands-on projects and creative experiences that parents can do with their kids to help them encounter God and understand the truth of his Word.

Grand Days (2008) — This resource, co-written with my friend Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence, is packed with creative ideas for grandparents who want to strengthen their relationships with their grandchildren and cultivate a legacy of faith.

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Spiritual Survival (2007) — Spiritual disciplines often seem to directly collide with the realities of life as a mom. How can one practice silence when she feels like she never experiences a moment of quiet? How can one practice solitude when visits to the bathroom are the only time she’s alone (and even then kids keep banging on the door)? This book was born out of my own desires and struggles; in it, I get to the heart of the classic spiritual disciplines and re-imagine what they could look like in the real, hectic, tiring, joyful, amazing, exhausting lives of busy moms.

Jesus the Life Changer (2005) —This resource (which is now out of print but available from some sellers) is co-written with David Trujillo and is a student ministry resource examining key truths about Jesus’ identity and purpose.